Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pitkin Ave "Tribute to Dad" Day.

Pitkin Ave Business Improvement District did it up for a "Tribute to Dad" in Brownsville Brooklyn. 

The Streets was filled with the young and old as they celebrate Father's Day. Ties  was given to all the fathers. 

From Rock Climbing, where it was a challenge for the kids, some got scared as soon as they made it half way, but 73rd Precinct was there to comfort those young ones who got frighten.. Some made it all the way to the top. New York City Police Department was there to assist.

Photo Booth for everyone to take home a little remembrances of that day with their love ones.

They had the activity table. Where our young Picasso was doing master pieces. Kudos to Brownsville Partnership who was stationed in this section filled with about 50 kids and having such patience doing it.

We had Zumba!!! From the young to the old participated in this event. even me. The children really enjoyed it.

Watoto Entertainment was there, gracing the children with their Puppet Shows and all the little ones loved it. 

Water Fun for all the children.

Youth Market was there handing out fresh seasoned Green Beans and when I mean fresh, I mean uncooked. It was delicious, never had it like that. Nice and crunchy. 
Brownsville Pitkin Youth Market will be open Saturdays July 13-Nov 23, from 9AM-4PM on Thomas Boyland and Pitkin Ave.  

They will also be at Rockaway Ave and Livonia Ave on Fridays from 1 PM-6 PM. 

Brooklyn Cream Team DJ'S own DJ Vernon hit us with all the right music, songs for all ages. Contact information at, 718-443-4600.

Brownsville own Tap Dancer Calvin Booker. Brownsville is filled with talented people. Read up on Calvin, he made it to Amateur Night at the Apollo among other places.

Anthony Newerls from Brooklyn Blizzard and the new President of the 73rd Precint Community Council.

Also there was Byron Wright who is running for City Council District 41. Pleasant young man. Had the opportunity to talk politics with him.

Last but surely not least U4IA. They did it up. From oldies to classics. They had all of our attention and it felt good coming together and enjoying this group of talented men. Don't have information or links on the singing group but, I'll get back to you on that. 

That great master of ceremony Brownsville's  own Otis Wells. Very funny man. Met him at the Pitkin ave Easter Day Parade doing the Harlem Shake. Got to love him. 

Best thing of all, we came together as a community. We laughed, sang, danced and even Zumba together. They will be at it again on June 23. Zumba, Outdoor Reading Room, Lucille Roberts Outdoor Fitness among other things. So please make it down here and enjoy the activities.