Monday, March 17, 2014

Fashion Week Brooklyn "Be Bold, Be Strong" 2014 FW Opening Night.

Fashion Week Brooklyn "Be Bold, Be Strong" 2014 FW

                          Where better to hold a Fashion event then Brooklyn.

Fashion Week Brooklyn was off  to a four-day event from March 13-16 at Industry City in the beautiful Sunset Park Brooklyn.

Featuring emerging and established designers showing you a different theme each night.

When we think Fashion, we think of  it in the City (Manhattan), but I came to realize that the City ain't got nothing on Fashion Week Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Borough President stated that "Brooklyn is going to become the  mecca for artistic expression"  and I say to late Mr. Borough President, We (Brooklyn) have and will always be a borough of EXPRESSION it's in our culture, a culture surrounded by many and different ethnicity.  It is what we call "It's the Brooklyn Way".

Eric Wilson, In style fashion news editor stated that "Brooklyn is the future of New York Fashion" everything in time changes and Mr. Wilson the future is here.

 New York Daily News states, Fashion Week watchers dreading commute to Brooklyn for Alexander Wang must see collection featured at Brooklyn Navy Yard, Manhattan's style elite will GRUDGINGLY trex across the East side River to the Navy Yard for this event.

Who wouldn't want to come, to lay back Brooklyn away from the hustle & bustle, (that is how I would love it to stay) of City (Manhattan),
ok enough about Brooklyn and into Fashion Week.

Opening Night was a night to remember, from Music, Celebrities, Fashionistas, Photographer, Media, Live Band,Beautiful Models and all those well deserve designers who put their hard work into something they believed in, which is fashion.

This year's :Be Bold, Be Strong" 2014 FW opening night with Eco-friendly Innovative Designers from all around the borough.

As well as student-made from Maxwell High School in Brooklyn and High School of Fashion Industries.

Over the past 8 yrs, Fashion Week Brooklyn presented by a non-profit, Brooklyn Style Foundation has supported talented Fashion Designers based in the U.S and abroad.

Fashion Week Brooklyn mission is to incorporate all of the artistic elements that added to the success of Fashion Week Brooklyn.

Brooklyn has become more influential in the Fashion World, not only designers showing in Brooklyn (Alexander Wang) now, but they're actually making clothes there.

I spotted,

Give me a second to please speak about Mr. Dwight, Mr. Dwight reminds me of SILK from his postures, appearance, they way he moved around the place, silk flows around so elegantly so does he. He has that suave in a silky way.

Now without further a do, here are pictures of this FABULOUS event:

Designer Bridgett Artise

Designer Malcolm Cannon 

Designer lliana Quander

High School of Fashion Industries

Designer Buddhahood-Dario Mohr

                                                     Maxwell High School Students

Actor/Director Bill Dukes at Fashion Week Brooklyn

Dwight Eubanks with Fashion Week Brooklyn Models

Beautiful Fashion Week Brooklyn Models

Designer Buddhahood-Dario Mohr & Dwight Eubanks
Event Planner Dwight Eubanks & Pop star Chelley

Fabulous Puppy 
Fabulous Puppy

Jonsar Studios, I'll catch you next time.

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