Friday, September 27, 2013

2013 WILLiFEST Opening Night

WILLiFEST opening night was a success. Had an awesome time Brooklyn. Met some of the most incredible people I will ever meet.

I want to thank WILLiFEST for giving me this opportunity in sharing this great festival with me. From opening night to the Big Sat 921.

Had the priviledge of hanging with the cast of "PLAY". Written by Canadian actress Kelly McCormack. Produced by Kelly McCormack and film stars of Orphan Black's (Canadian/American Science Fiction Television Series) Kristian Brunn and is Directed by Award Winning Director Alec Toller.

This was a comedy about opening night of a new play that takes an unexpected turn, which causes all of the actors to improvise the plot while live on stage. Which I enjoyed.

Among the other cast are Four-time Canadian Comedy Award Nominee Colin Munch,  Roger Bainbridge from the Award Winning Tony-Ho Comedy Troupe, Theatre Brouhaha Headliner Danny Pagett and Dora nominated and NOW Magazine "Actor to watch" Tim Walker.

The film was written in 2 weeks and film in 2 weeks and only for the cost of  $1,000. It has been nominated for the best feature film and best original screenplay at the London International Film Festival and I was with this great cast of actors, directors and producers.

Indiemusic TV presented the indiemusic TV season 3 Award on the Red Carpet to Award singing/songwriter/guitar player to Sinem Saniya.

Retired Educator and City Librarian Gwendolyn-Taylor Davis was featured in WILLiFEST  rap single
 "Runway Beauty Queen".

Also there dance group, Active Dancer,,

Artist and Designer Philippe Valy,

Live It Up Host Donna Drake,

Mariel Torres from BK ALL DAY PROMOTIONS and my new found sister.

Last but surely not least, Submissive 13 Dream Team, Sparda Deleon,, Brandon Barnwell and the one and only WILLiFEST featured artist Yung Smilez Submissive released their single at WILLiFEST BigSat921 at Knitting Factory in Brooklyn.

Now I will tell you about WILLiFEST BigSat921, had me a ball Brooklyn. Associated Producer of WILLiFEST Venetria Benitez, my new found friend, hit it up with her the moment we spoke, great person.

Eclectic singer/songwriter/rapper and plays a mean violin. Joya Bravo has earned a chair in the Metropolitan Atlanta Youth Symphony Orchestra, that is how good she is Brooklyn. I had the privileged of seeing her perform live at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn and performing with Submissive 13. I will be letting Brooklyn know, when and where she will be performing in Brooklyn.

Thank you again WILLiFEST family for allowing me to be part of this great Film Festival, until next year my friends.

Brandon Barnwell
Live it up host Donna Drake

Singer Sinem Saniya

Artist and Designer Philippe Valy

Active Dancer
Award at the Red Carpet

WILLiFEST featured artist Young Smilez with BK Promotions Mariel Torres
Active Dancer

Mariel Torres, Kristian Brunn and Kelly McCormack
Kristian Brunn

The crowd awaits
Co-founder of WILLiFEST with rap artist Gwendolyn Taylor-Davis

The crowd awaits

Alec Toller, Kristian Brunn and Kelly McCormack

At the Knitting Factory with Associated Producer of WILLiFEST Venetria Benitez
Joya Bravo with BK ALL DAY Promotor Mariel Torres at the Knitting Factory
Marino Frost, played with Jimi Hendrix's Band at the Knitting Factory

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fashion Week Brooklyn Designers


Nallem Clothing by Gregory A. Kankoh
Nallem is an African Label that seeks to fill the gap between designer and chain store clothing

Fashion Designer Isabella Milan from Barcelona Spain

Fashion Designer Rosbinna by Rosemary Iwezor
Rosbinna is a fashion house that has existed since 1997 as Rossys creation

Fashion Designer Dario Mohr
Dario Mohr is an American Fashion Designer
Fashion Designer Bishme Cromartie
Bishme was born Feb 16, 1991 in Baltimore Maryland
Fashion Designer Sarah Nami Ahn
Nami is a brand based out of Los Angeles, born in Korea but raised everywhere else
Fashion Designer Erin Birmingham
All Dresses and Gowns are hand-made, hand beaded, and finished with professional technique and vintage piece.
Fashion Designer Andrea Marie Fitzgerald
Andrea Marie Fitzgerald is a proud Canadian Aboriginal who has a strong passion for Fashion.
Designer Anna-Hoa Masche

Fashion Designer Emma Liljedahl
With urban landscape and street wear as her main inspiration source, her design is basic men wear.

Fashion Designer Trash by Angela Brejt
Trash is a brand aimed at cooperation with ambitious and talented graphic artists.

Fashion Designer John Guarness
John Guarness made a strong impression as a multitalented designer

Fashion Designer Karo swimwear by Kasia Roginska
Kasia Roginska was born in Krakow, Poland

Fashion Designer Bradley Douglas Jordan
Bradley Douglas Jordan a nationally recognized designer, has been showcasing his collection for the past 7 years.

Fashion Designer Joyce Penas Pilarsky
A Filipino couture designer based in Germany. Most outstanding Filipino artist in Baden Wurttemberg, Germany.

Fashion Designer Lydia Cutler
Lydia Kemunto Cutler's designs have been show cased in England, Scotland, Kenya and Australia
Fashion Designer Nick Evers
Nick attained a BFA at Savannah College of Art and Design with a major apparel design and a minor in accessory design
This event will be held at Industry City at Bush Terminal

For ticket information, click on the link

Visit them at their Facebook page
For scheduling

For more on this event, click on the link

So here you have it Brooklyn, some of the best designers  coming to Brooklyn to show you what their made of, and it's Fashion Design.  Get your tickets now.




Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fashion Week Brooklyn

We all know Brooklyn folks are very fashionable and what better yet, Fashion Week Brooklyn.

This year Fashion Week Brooklyn "Be Inspired" Spring/Summer 2014 Collections, begins Oct 3 through 6 at Industry City.

The design, style and production of Fashion Week Brooklyn will reflect the International Appeal of the uniquely crafted event.

Over the past 6 years Fashion Week Brooklyn presented by the Non-profit, Brooklyn Style Foundation has supported talented fashion designers based in the U.S and abroad, they are also proud to announce the re-branding as Fashion Week Brooklyn.

Their mission will remain the same and will continue to incorporate all of the ARTISTIC ELEMENTS that added to the success of Brooklyn Fashion Week.

Brooklyn is becoming more influential in Fashion. Not only are designers showing in Brooklyn now, but they're actually making the clothes there.

Emerging Designer Rosie Assoulin (who's already been praised by the Times) hand-painted her collection Fashion Week in Fort Greene. 

In an interview with Glamour, she hinted at the slight ridiculousness of Brooklyn marketing culture, "just hearing the word 'hand-painted' makes it feel more special. Bushwick also has an emerging fashion scene too.

Cathy Horyn from The New York Times gave it an uncommonly good review, thus signaling to the fashion community that crossing the East River during Fashion Week won't make you a pariah, in fact it might make you cool.  Dear Cathy, it will make you cool.

According to Horyn, designer Rachel Comey was "kind of bummed" when people told her on one important would trek out to Brooklyn during Fashion Week to see clothes. Turns out they were all wrong. Hipster Maggie Gyllenhaal, Greta Gerwig, Parker Posey, and Girls Star Zosia Mamet were among all there.

Maggie Gyllenhaal later confirmed to Elle, Brooklyn is becoming more influential in Fashion.

Brooklyn has always been very influential in Fashion, but because is Brooklyn, no one dares to cross the East River.

So we're here Brooklyn and very fashionable if I may say.

For Information on designers for this event, click on the link

Friday, September 6, 2013

The 46th Annual West Indian Day Parade.

The 46th Annual West Indian Parade took off despite the gray skies and humid temperatures.  Monday marked the 46th annual West Indian Parade in Brooklyn. The parade drew thousands of revelers, many wearing colorful customs and waving flag to celebrate their Caribbean heritage.

Among those who marched in the parade, Mayoral candidates, Bill DeBlasio, Christine Quinn, Bill Thompson, Jack Hidary, Joe Lhota and Anthony Weiner who by the way, was the only one a float, was heard shouting on the microphone using what I thought was a fake Caribbean accent, "Anybody from Jamaica?", Weiner was heard yelling, "Anybody here from Barbados?, Anybody from Guyana?" and the drops the Caribbean accent and yells, Anybody from Staten Island? lol. From where I was standing we didn't get to see it and as a matter of fact, he didn't start at the beginning of the parade but could be heard.

It was all for the name of POLITICS.

Also there, Democrat Eric Adams running for Borough president, Ken Thompson running for Brooklyn District Attorney Eliot Spitzer and yes it was a parade for politicking, if such word for it.

The police presences was heavy, there was a report that two N.Y.P.D officers suffer minor injuries while trying to get a crowd under control at Nostrand Ave & Pacific Street. As you know violence has marred this Caribbean Event.

Getting back this this festive event, customs were awesome, two-piece bedazzled outfits, extravagant feathered head-pieces, body glitter everywhere, masks. The smell of Caribbean food and the sound of Caribbean music everywhere and we must not forget all the politicians pandering for votes.