Sunday, October 27, 2013

2013 Pitkin Ave Halloween Parade & Harvest Festival

Brooklyn, the Pitkin Ave Halloween Parade & Harvest Festival, an event that, I bet your children would of enjoy.

Brownsville is my home town, lived here all my life, so when I see the news only emphasizing on the crime that takes place here it upsets me.

We are a community with a whole lot of positive things going on here, so I will be the one to show Brooklyn, what Brownsville Brooklyn has going on.

Pitkin Ave Halloween Parade &  Harvest Festival was a hit. Children and parents came prepare with costumes. We came together as a community.

First to lead the Parade was Royal Knights Music & Art Program. Talk about a marching band, it was exciting to see youth at its best. Amazing Band Brooklyn, shoppers on Pitkin Ave stopped to just watch in amazement of the sound & rhythm coming through Pitkin Ave.

Follow by
  • Inside Hope Girls Scout Marcus Garvey Villiage
  • Shopper's World
  • Watoto Entertainment (Children's Entertainment for the Spirit)
  • JJ the Clown
  • Classic Cars
  • Lowdown Stompers (Jazz Band)
  • Trucked out
When the parade was over Pitkin Ave Halloween Parade and Harvest Festival settled at Pitkn Plaza, where they had:
  • Face Painting: Doing amazing face painting.
  • Portable Reading Room: They provide a place to gather around books and learning, right in the heart of neighborhoods all across the City. UNI create portable reading room that can go almost anywhere, like Parks, Plazas, and Markets.  They have books and activities for all ages. They are a Non-profit organization, their staff are volunteers. I was empress to see this, never knew that there was an "Portable Reading Room (section).
  • Reach Across Brooklyn: Funded by National REACH Coalition In association with East New York Farmers. Farmer's Market, fresh fruits and vegetables.  Now through Fall 2013, you will have a chance to get a wide variety of fresh fruits & vegetables from local friendly farmers in Brownsville.  Weekly Farmer's Market are located in section of Brooklyn including Brownsville & East New York to provide access to fresh produce. They also provides "Pumpkin Nutrition Facts and easy to follow guide to Pumpkin Recipes. Pumpkins and Apples was give to the children and parents.
  • Chef D Hazell: providing us with Curry Pumpkin/Pumpkin Curry, either way is a most do or try at home.
  • JJ The Clown: She was an amazing part of the parade, with her vibrant colors skating down Pitkin Ave, the kids like her.
  • Party 4 U: They will personalize your glamorous affair.
  • Watoto Entertainment: Nice to see her again. She stated she loves coming back to perform for our children in Brownsville.
  • Lowdown Stompers: Playing what I like to hear JAZZ. It kind of gave it an New Orleans kind of feeling, which was great and the people of Brownsville liked.
  • Live Music from DJ King ( The Circuit Heavy Weight) We loved your music. Brownsville was provided various music for us. He threw some Spanish classic also.
  • Brownsville Partnership: An Initiative of Community Solution.
  • Brownsville Multi-Service Family Health Center: Providing pamphlets.
Also there:
  • Daniel A. Murphy: Executive Director, Pitkin Avenue Business Improvement District. The Pitkin Ave Business Improvement District dedicates itself to making our streets the place for everyone. The BID serves merchants, customers and every visitor to the Avenue. They plan events throughout the year.
  • Mark Tanis: Regional Manager, Shoppers World. Mr. Tanis is a native from Brooklyn. Tanis is proud to be an active member of The Pitkin Avenue Community.
  • Viola D. Greene-Walker: Mrs. Greene Walker is responsible for the monitoring and coordination of municipal service delivery to the Ocean-Hill-Brownsville community
  • Jacqueline Kennedy: Kennedy serves as the coordinator of Community Outreach at the Brownsville Partnership.
  • Carmen Jackson: Widow Of Greg "Jacko" Jackson. Mr Jackson, along time manager of Brownsville Recreation Center grew up in Brownsville. A basketball star, who played briefly in the National Basketball Association. He became a Community Advocate and, unofficial, the Mayor of Brownsville Brooklyn. Mr. Jackson stated in a Interview in 1998,"If you can grow up and survive Brownsville,you can do it anywhere in the world". Mr. Jackson passed away on May 8, 2012. 
  • Anthony Newerls: 73rd pct Community Council President.
  • Tony Herbett: President/East chapter at the National Action Network and Founder at The Advocates without borders network.
  • Trucked Out & Social Club
If I left anyone out, please email me. Brooklyn, it was a beautiful setting in Brownsville. Everyone coming together for the sake of the children, and allowing them to enjoy their hometown. They all left with  bags stuffed with goodies. BID also provided in the bags a "Welcome to Pitkin Avenue 2013 Guide" small booklet, which I found very interesting and informative about Pitkin Ave and who was John R Pitkin. Stop by Shoppers World and ask for one. Thank you BID for taking an interest in our children and providing them with memorial moments in Brownsville. 
Now without further a due, my pictures.