Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Re-opening of Coney Island.

Coney Island

Coney Island Board-Walk had a triumphant re-opening this past Sunday as thousand of peoples swarmed the beloved rides and reveled in some pre-summer fun.

The re-opening of Coney Island was a smash success and one of the biggest openings in the park history.  This years opening seems particularly significant, considering what a beating the area took during Hurricane Sandy.  Most of the rides have had to undergo extensive repair after sustaining electrical and even structural damage in the storm.   

The Wonder Wheel, Cyclone Roller and Scream Zone Park are good to go.  Long timers, Disco-era bumper cars and Totonno's Pizza and little guys Lola Staar Boutique on the Board-walk and the Coney Island History project nestled under it.

Coney Island's amusement business is still not 100% according to a report by the New York Daily News, Coney Island's famed freak sideshows are still not operational and won't be expected  to return until May.  

Everything is not open, New York Aquarium will be close through late Spring, Nathan's itself is shuttered until Memorial Day. 

So go ahead and treat yourself and the kids to a pre summer fun at Coney Isand.

Coney Island

Coney Island. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Most Popular Borough of all, BROOKLYN!!!

For much of past century, Brooklyn was a Rodney Dangerfield of boroughs, known for it's blue-collar style, for it's funny accent and of course, for getting no RESPECT.  Brooklyn somehow, against all odds, became a internationally recognized icon of COOL.                 

Most Popular City of New York City's 5 boroughs.  With approximately 2.5 million residents and also the second largest area.
Brooklyn has had the boundaries as Kings County since 1896, which is the most popular County in New York City and Second most densely populated County in the United State, after New York City (Manhattan).

Now you tell me, why wouldn't any Brooklynite talk about the Beauty of Brooklyn and all it's knowledge.  This is where I was born, raise and resident.  OK, OK, enough about me.

If it were independent city, Brooklyn would rank fourth most popular city in the U.S.  This is such cool information and Knowledge.

Believe it or not, Brooklyn was a independant city until Jan.1,1898, when, according to the charter of "Greater New York",Brooklyn was consolidated with other boroughs to form the modern "City of New York".

Brooklyn continues to maintain it's district culture.  Many Brooklyn neighborhoods are ethnic enclaves where particular ethnic groups and culture predominate.  Brooklyn's official motto is Eadraght Maeckt Maght.
Written in (early modern spelling of) dutch language, it is inspirited by the motto of the United Dutch Provinces (currently the official motto of Belgium).  Such interesting information and History Brooklyn has.
This is translated to "Unity Makes Strength).  The motto is displayed on the Borough seal and flag, which also feature a young woman bearing fases, a traditional embellish of Republicanism.  Brooklyn's official colors are Blue and Gold.

Brooklyn has been a magnet for immigrants and many ethnic groups dominate a particular neighborhood for a time.  Brooklyn neighborhood are ever changing as the population move in and out.  During the early mid 20th century, Brownsville had a majority of Jewish residence. that is why so much of these old apartments have or has have a small metal box behind the doors.

Brooklyn has played a major role in various aspects of American culture including literature, cinema and theater.  Brooklyn has the world-renowned Brooklyn Academy of Music and Brooklyn Philharmonic and the second largest public art collection in the United States.  all this coming out of Brooklyn, who wouldn't want to blog about this. All this housed in the Brooklyn Museum.

Two of Spike Lee, She gotta have it and Do the right thing were shot in Bedford Stuyvesant in Brooklyn.

The Brooklyn Museum opened in 1897, is the nation's second largest public art museum.  It has permanent collection of more than 1.5 million objects, from the ancient Egyptian master pieces to contemporary art.

The Brooklyn Children's Museum, the world's first museum dedicated to children, open in Dec 1899.  The only such New York State institution accredited by the American Association of Museum.
The Brooklyn Academy of Art (BAM) includes a 2,109 seat opera house, and the art house BAM Rose Cinema. 
Barge Music and St. Ann warehouse are located on the other side of Downtown Brooklyn in the Dumbo Art district, Brooklyn Technical High School has the second largest auditorium in New York City (after Radio City Music Hall), with seating's capacity of over 3,000.

Brooklyn also has beautiful parks and attractions.
As a independant system, separate from the New York and Queens Public Library system, the Brooklyn Public Library offers thousands of public programs, million of books, and use of more than 850 free Internet-accessible computers.  It also has books and periodical in all the major language spoken in Brooklyn, including English, Russian< Chinese, Spanish, Hebrew,  and Haitian Kreyol, as well as French, Yiddish, Hindi, Bengali, Polish, Italian and Arabic.  There are 58 library branches, placing one within a half a mile of each Brooklyn resident.

Brooklyn has a storied sports history.  It has been home to many famous sports figurine such as Vince Lombardi, Mike Tyson and Vitas Gerulaitis.
Brooklyn's major professional sports team is the NBA"s Brooklyn Nets. The Nets moved into the borough in 2012 and play their home base games at Barclay Center in Prospect Heights.  The NHL New York Islanders, currently based in Nassau County on L.I, are planning to play in the Barclay Center(while retaining their current name) in 2015, which will make it Brooklyn's second major professional sports franchise.

Brooklyn most famous historical team, Brooklyn Dodgers, named for "Trolley Dodgers" played at Ebbersfield.  In 1947 Jackie Robinson was hired by the Dodgers as the first African American player in major League Baseball in the modern era.  In the earliest days of organized baseball, Brooklyn team dominated the new game.  The second recorded game of baseball was played near what is today Fort Greene on Oct 24, 1845.

Brooklyn features extensive public transit.  Eighteen New York City subway lines, including the Franklin Ave shuttle, traverse the borough and 92.8% of Brooklyn residents traveling to Manhattan use the subway. Major Stations of the 170 in Brooklyn includes Atlantic Ave/Barclay Center, Broadway Junction, Dekalb Ave, Jay St./Metro Tech and Coney Island/Stillwell Ave. 

Brooklyn is connected to Manhattan by three bridges, The Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges; a vehicular tunnel, Hugh L. Carey Tunnel(formerly the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel).
Brooklyn was along a major shipping port, especially at the Brooklyn Army Terminal in Sunset Park.

 The sudden physical and cultural transformation has been endless debated. 

Brooklyn Museum
Brooklyn Public Library

Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Beautiful Bedford Stuyvesant
Crown Heights

Bedford Stuyvesant

Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Kitchen Restaurant.

Looking for a fine place to dine at in Queens. Well...What's up New York has the place for you.  My Kitchen Restaurant is the place if you're looking for fine food and good people.

My Kitchen Restaurant/Event Venue/Caterer is a GREAT dinning experience, there menu features perennial favorites, as well as seasonal dishes, thoughtfully planned and prepared each day.

If grilling and dinning is your of a great meal, join them in warmer weather.  My Kitchen Restaurant has a Banquet Hall that fits from 70-100 guest.  Catering service are available .

"My Kitchen" as they like to refer to it Our Kitchen for the new owner, they're looking to expand their family by giving them a glimpse into their kitchen and inviting you to dine with them.

Chef Giuseppe (Chef) grew up in an Italian home, where life as you know it revolve around food.  He studied to become a Chef and then moved  into management.

Dhanny (General Manager) grew up in Trinidad, where to her mealtime was a family experience. Together they have combined 40 yrs in the food industry.

But enough with the legit. My personal thought on My Kitchen Restaurant, LOVE IT. They catered my Birthday celebration with some of the BEST dishes I've ever had. Talk about sweet people, they are. Friendly caring folks. had the honor on going to dine at My Kitchen a couple of days for their Luau night, food was delicious and the entertainment was wonderful. 

They also have special night they host Valentine's Dinner, Super Bowl parties and much more.  They are also kid friendly.

So whenever you are in the mood for fine dinning and excellent company, My Kitchen Restaurant is the place. 
Located at 106-17 Metropolitan Ave, NY 11375.
5-10 pm, closed Mondays. Call for reservation.

Chef and Dhanny