Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fashion Week Brooklyn Designers


Nallem Clothing by Gregory A. Kankoh
Nallem is an African Label that seeks to fill the gap between designer and chain store clothing

Fashion Designer Isabella Milan from Barcelona Spain

Fashion Designer Rosbinna by Rosemary Iwezor
Rosbinna is a fashion house that has existed since 1997 as Rossys creation

Fashion Designer Dario Mohr
Dario Mohr is an American Fashion Designer
Fashion Designer Bishme Cromartie
Bishme was born Feb 16, 1991 in Baltimore Maryland
Fashion Designer Sarah Nami Ahn
Nami is a brand based out of Los Angeles, born in Korea but raised everywhere else
Fashion Designer Erin Birmingham
All Dresses and Gowns are hand-made, hand beaded, and finished with professional technique and vintage piece.
Fashion Designer Andrea Marie Fitzgerald
Andrea Marie Fitzgerald is a proud Canadian Aboriginal who has a strong passion for Fashion.
Designer Anna-Hoa Masche

Fashion Designer Emma Liljedahl
With urban landscape and street wear as her main inspiration source, her design is basic men wear.

Fashion Designer Trash by Angela Brejt
Trash is a brand aimed at cooperation with ambitious and talented graphic artists.

Fashion Designer John Guarness
John Guarness made a strong impression as a multitalented designer

Fashion Designer Karo swimwear by Kasia Roginska
Kasia Roginska was born in Krakow, Poland

Fashion Designer Bradley Douglas Jordan
Bradley Douglas Jordan a nationally recognized designer, has been showcasing his collection for the past 7 years.

Fashion Designer Joyce Penas Pilarsky
A Filipino couture designer based in Germany. Most outstanding Filipino artist in Baden Wurttemberg, Germany.

Fashion Designer Lydia Cutler
Lydia Kemunto Cutler's designs have been show cased in England, Scotland, Kenya and Australia
Fashion Designer Nick Evers
Nick attained a BFA at Savannah College of Art and Design with a major apparel design and a minor in accessory design
This event will be held at Industry City at Bush Terminal

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So here you have it Brooklyn, some of the best designers  coming to Brooklyn to show you what their made of, and it's Fashion Design.  Get your tickets now.




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