Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Golden Krust "Customer Appreciation Day"

Pitkin Ave in Brownsville Brooklyn was filled with the sounds of West Indian Music and LIVE airing from irie jam radio. 

As Golden Krust celebrated "Customer Appreciation Day" and what better way to do, then with the sound of the music. 

DJ Roy graced us with the sound of music and his televising Brownsville LIVE on the radio station. Going step by step on what he was seeing in the streets of Pitkin Ave and reminiscing on when he would come to Pitkin with his mom.

 Among him was radio personality Felisha who was shock to see the girls of Kentucky Fried Chicken came and dance for ticket for the Beanie Man Concert. I believe not only them was shock, we was also shock. But made great entertainment. Kudos to the girls of Kentucky Fried Chicken on Pitkin. They won those tickets.

They were both make great for entertainment. 

CEO and Owner of Golden Krust, Lowell Hawthorne was there introducing himself and offering what best they are known for, their Beef Patties, and by the way Ox-tail is my favorite. Everyone came, ate and enjoyed the live entertainment.

Home made juice was there giving out what i believe some of the best juice, Carrot Juice among others, but carrot is one of my all time juice. The only time I had had carrot juice was in Florida and never manage to find no other, until i tasted their juice, Great tasting. 

CEO of irie jam radio Anthony Turner was also present among Oxtail, Anthony Turner, Irwin Clarke Sn

Brownsville is where I call home. We live in this rough life on these neck of the woods but, it's home to me and many others.

We do have a lot going on over here, but unfortunate you get to see the negative part of Brownsville in the news.  There's a high percentage of violence. We are also a community, that despite what you see or hear this is home to us and we going to get it right. 

Like in the words of Maya Angelou, You might write us down in history with your bitter twisted lies, you may trod us in the very dirt but still like dust We'll Rise.

Thank you CEO Lowell Hawthorne of Golden Krust for appreciating us and bringing irie jam radio and by the way, one if the best know Caribbean radio station to Brownsville.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Welcome to What's up New York? Keeping up with Brooklyn

Hello Brooklyn!! Welcome to What's up New York? Keeping up with Brooklyn. A Page and Blog Site to finding your way around  Brooklyn. It didn't always start this way. I took it upon myself to show my friends, family and anyone else who wanted to join us, all of Brooklyn's beauty. 

Most popular City of New York City's 5 boroughs with approximately 25 Million resident and the second largest.

I love  finding events, entertainment, activities, concerts, plays for the children. Where to go when they have off from school.  I have 3 granddaughters and I find myself looking for things for my daughters do with their children.

Let's not forget the Night Life, which is my favorite part. There is so much going on for the adults. Theatre, Plays, Restaurant, Event, Comedy, Live Entertainment, after hours and even Fashion.

 So come follow us, in this roller coaster ride I call Brooklyn. All pictures that see you on my blog and Facebook page are taken by me. I say a picture is worth a thousand words, so their are thousands and thousands of words on this blog site. There is nothing more beautiful then Brooklyn.

I have lived in Brooklyn all my life, actually in Brownsville, Brooklyn. There is where my heart lays. Raised my children there. It's home to me and I love it.

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Fashion Week Brooklyn
Robin Adams (Co-Founder of WILLiFEST)
West Indian Day Parade
Sonny Lewis Basketball tournament
Summer Time Fun 
Alec Troller, Kristin Brunn and Kelly McCormack
2013 WILLiFEST Opening Night
Associate Producer of WILLiFEST Venetria Benitz
Artist and Violinist Joya Bravo and BK Promoter Mariel Torres
Marino Frost, Played with Jimi Hendrix @ the Knitting Factory

Friday, May 24, 2013

What to expect at Mo's on a Friday Night

I have always love Mo's Fort Greene,  the only opportunities I have had to go to Mo's was for Mo's Sunday Comic, which I love by the way. 

The atmosphere, vibe,  the people has made it a comfortable and relaxing environment  to be in.

Never had the privilege of attending on a Friday or Saturday night. Well,  I happen to go on a Friday night with a good friend after attending an event. 

We was suppose stay for only an hour. We end up staying for 4 hours. That same great atmosphere I got on a Sunday night, turned out to be a great Friday night. 

The place was crowded,   it doesn't take much to fill up Mo's. This place is small,  but enough room to dance to the music of DJ Hard Hitting Harry.  He just happen to play the right kind of music over and over again.  DJ Hard Hitting Harry had everyone on their feat grooving and dancing to his Music. 

We was all the way to the back of the place,  3 steps and you was up there.  That back part gives a feeling of such a comfortable lounge setting,  just sitting and  conversating with the people next to you.  That is how cool it felt.

The waitress was as sweet as i can remember on a Sunday night for Mo's Sunday Comic. But, to  my surprise, when DJ Hard Hitting Harry was playing  his music , I though my ears was deceiving me.  As I turned around, there he was,  a trumpet player,  playing to the music of DJ hard Hitting.

I was just memorized,  the sound that was coming out that trumpet.  I had to stop what I was doing and take pictures of this moment. 

DJ Hard Hitting Harry,  you got it going on.  You was on top of your music.  Mr Trumpet player is Eleazar Shafar,  I love the sound that you made come out that trumpet,  amazing!

Now I can honestly say  Mo's is the place to be on a Friday Night.   Great Music, Great Crowd and the drinks was great and cheap, I believe. 

DJ Hard Hitting Harry and Eleazar Shafar belongs to Earth Man Experience, which I was amazed to find out, they also play at Brooklyn Academy of Brooklyn (BAM). Not surprise. Beautiful work guys.

So head out to Mo's on a Friday night,  you'll love it. 

Ultimate Dream Entertainment Brings you the Greatest Fashion Event to Brooklyn!

Ultimate Dream Entertainment Production invites Brooklyn to attend their always sold out Fashion Event' "Bring Da Drama on Da Runway" at Brooklyn's own The Lab.

With Live DJ, Live Performance, Designer Sample Sale, Networking Event, Fashion Show, Competition and Cash Bar Ciroc Edition.

Come and see over 8 Top Designer compete in different categories and 5 of New York City's Finest Make-Up Artist show case their Make-Up skills.

See over 45 Male & Females model competing on becoming "Bring Da Drama on Da Runway" Top Model. A 1,600 Cash Prize Giveaway.

Attending this fantastic event, Boutique owner & Designer Nippy Lavern, Top Designer Alaine Moore, Enve Magazine, among many more.

"Bring Da Drama on Da Runway is being considerate for a Reality Show. Their will be major TV Networks present for this Fashion Event.

This Great Fashion Event  will be filled with Fun, Lights and Action. Bring Da Drama to Da Runway is always a SOLD out Event, please call for tickets ASAP.

Brooklyn come and join Ultimate Dream Ent. bring down the house on July 13, 2013 at the one and only,
                                                The Lab
                                             1428 Fulton St.
                                    Brooklyn, New York 11214
                          Door opens at 4:30-Shows starts at 5:30

                          This is a Fashion Event, Dress to Impress.

 Tickets are $20 in advanced, $30 at the door. They have VIP tickets that $45 in advanced and $55 at the door. VIP tickets includes dinner.

For tickets call Tazz at (646) 283-2212
Kelvin at (347) 512-4235

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Fulton Funk for Yelp Passport to Downtown at Nicholas Brooklyn

If you're looking for a place to vibe, with large  selection  of things, Nicholas Brooklyn is that place but better yet, the talent that comes from that place.

It was Yelp Passport to Downtown week. Celebrating the "hood via cool and creative ways to connect people with great local businesses. This event took place 5/13-5/20.

The Fulton Funk was a beautiful experience and a pleasure to attend. From Artists displaying their work, Poet throwing their wisdom,Singers showing off vocal skills and Comedians making you laugh.

Food, Wine, Cheese, Jewelry, Fashion and a DJ demonstrating his ability to use turntable and well if I may say so. 

The people of Nicholas Brooklyn were warm and welcoming, the energy was Great and Positive.